Spiritual Narcissism

To believe that man's universe is the only one that is valid is a sad consequence of spiritual narcissism.

To believe that man’s universe is the only one that is valid is a sad consequence of spiritual narcissism.

When my son was a small child, I purchased a book called, What Do Animals See, Hear, Taste, and Smell?  Inside of this book was a picture of what a flower looks like to a common bumble bee.  It was a fluorescent blue image that had few colors but it stood out with uncanny brightness.  I wondered, “Would people think the bee sees a flower ‘all wrong’?”  Probably.

The human mind, in its arrogance and pride mistakingly believes that what we think, see, and feel, is intelligent and closer to reality than the rest of the world. Nonsense.

This was where my Christianity began; in those pages of a science book on animal senses.  I had an epiphany in those pages.  Just because we are human, does not mean that there are not other frequencies of light, other ways of seeing, feeling, touching, and tasting. We only see the world from a human perspective. The world has gifts and senses we will never know.  What we see is not all that there is. To believe that we “see all” is arrogant and prideful.

I realized, just in my lifetime of 50 years, how many false beliefs people have had. Pluto is not the furthest planet from the sun.  Brachiosaurus had the wrong head for decades. The atom is not the smallest particle. The list goes on. But every one of our false beliefs are based on empirical senses.

The empiricists were the first scientific narcissists.  If it does not concur with human senses, then it can not be proven.  Evidence to the human comprehension is all that counted to the existence of all things.

Since the first narcissists, we have fallen upon string theory, DNA mapping, relativity, and dark matter.  These unseens for millenniums have always existed but in our ignorance, we never knew they were there, much less understood them.  We are a weak specie with shortsightedness and inexperience because we are imprisoned in a place with only 5 senses to take in information of what is.  We are nothing more than a flat being in a flatland in comparison to the many dimensions we can never witness or even fathom. According to new theories based on sound evidence, there are upwards of 9 or 11 dimensions.  Many are compacted into sizes unfathomable by our existence.  We do not yet have the resolving power to understand them.

Imagine a two dimensional shape on a two dimensional plane. Along comes a bouncing ball from a three dimensional world.  To flatland, that ball comes in and out of existence in what would seem to be a random sequence.  An oval shaped flatness would show up every now and then, only to disappear into the third dimension until the ball hits the floor (flatland) again, only to disappear, yet again into another dimension.  To flatland, it only exists when it is visible or measurable.  Once it leaves flatland to soar into the third dimension, flatland is completely unaware of where it is or even could be.  It could never be measured or understood.

Life has languages of science far beyond our capability to understand.  To believe that there is no spirituality or arena of energy or light; or any existence we can not understand in our limitations, is to believe in human superiority beyond the physics of everything that there is.  How can we know the existence of all there is while we are trapped into a three dimensional spacial plane with only five limited senses that can’t even hear the range of sound our pet dog can hear?

I’d sooner believe in man’s arrogance than discount the possibility of God.

Stephen M. Barr is a professor of physics at the University of Delaware. In the piece he authored called, “Does Quantum Physics Make it Easier to Believe in God?” he says:

Materialism is an atheistic philosophy that says that all of reality is reducible to matter and its interactions. It has gained ground because many people think that it’s supported by science. They think that physics has shown the material world to be a closed system of cause and effect, sealed off from the influence of any non-physical realities — if any there be. Since our minds and thoughts obviously do affect the physical world, it would follow that they are themselves merely physical phenomena. No room for a spiritual soul or free will: for materialists we are just “machines made of meat.”  

This blog is about my investigations into the possibility that atheism is a cry for human superiority. The claim that what we can’t see or measure does not exist, can no longer hold with the coming of the new physics.  I propose that the existence of a higher power is not magical mumbo jumbo.  I propose that the laws of physics have God covered as a being whose possibility of existence is far more believable than the non-God, accidental universe.

Many more blogs will follow on the details of these investigations.

I have spent three years investigating the God Universe and the accidental one. I trust physics enough to give them their due.  When I hear their claims on science, I listen because I am not a physicist.  I am not a theologian. I am a Christian, mother, wife, and teacher.  I am a believer because the last three years of scientific evidence I have drawn upon, from astronomy to the scientific evidence in the Shroud of Turin has given me answers I could no longer deny.  It would take a greater leap of faith to believe in an accidental universe than it would be to believe in what we would name “divinity” from our limited place in the universe.  With enough research, meditation, and opening your ears to evidence, I have found the gap between religion and science closing. We can no longer say that they contradict one another.

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

…Albert Einstein

4 responses to “Spiritual Narcissism

  1. I like this… You have an excellent, careful voice — intelligent but not preachy, deep but not obtuse. Well said.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and i’m astounded by your thought. It is rare for me to find a religious thinker. Many preachers of Christianity close it down as a prison for people who are unable to think for themselves and real off countless verses etc that they do not understand on a thought level themselves, only a very surface level. Some are led blindly by words and never interrogate the true meaning of what is meant. I find that you have been wonderfully insightful in your perceptions and it is a rare breath of fresh air, bringing life to the subject matter and truth instead of reading ancient documents to live by without any deeper perceptive of the truth that was meant behind those words. It is interesting that you can also see the bible as metaphoric in parts. Alot of Christians are unable to do this and yet i feel that this is the way much of the bible was meant to be read. It to me is highly symbolic in nature. Thankyou again for sharing.

    • Ambience:

      Thank-you for your kind reply and for your inspiration to continue. I think you are absolutely right. Many people get caught up in literal interpretations. We don’t have to abandon science to believe. As a matter of fact, embracing God while cradling the infancy of science is an amazing fit. Christ spoke often in metaphors so it makes sense that God would have spoken that way in the beginning. So much of science is validating what is said by the scriptures in a metaphorical way, it can’t be ignored.

      Thank-you for commenting. It will be very nice knowing that someone is listening and it is motivating.

      God Bless!